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Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important topic for construction industry. It is a multi-dimensional topic involving social, economic, and environmental aspects. Sustainable construction generally refers to the application of the principles of sustainable development in the construction industry. The most significant challenge to delivering a financially successful green project is communication and coordination across a

Cost management is viewed as a managerial process, which generates information to support decision-making, to stimulate cost reduction, value improvement and continuous improvement in the project development. The cost manager/quantity surveyor plays a pivotal role in the financial and contract management of construction projects.   Cost control within a construction project is essential to ensure

Each construction project is exposed to a multitude of risks. The major risks that usually crop up in front of a project manager while helming a construction project are financial, socio-political, environmental, and construction related. Financial risks Vacillating exchange rates, material costs, market demand, improper estimation, inflation, payment delays, unmanaged cash flow and financial incompetence

We provide an objective view in case of construction projects that call for banking institutions for funding. We analyse the project technically and financially in order to determine the potential risks and their impact on the project and, consequently, on the loan granted. We address to funding institutions, grand funders and public private partnerships, tenants

Abstract Buildings usually undergo fit-out works in order to incorporate current living and / or work environment requirement and to bring the working and living space up to current standards. The  exact motives can vary and can be a combination of the following factors: Different / change in activity than the one it was originally

Construction projects are generally high-stakes projects for all parties involved. They need not only constant supervision to prevent and solve any problems that may arise along the way, but they also need to please an increasingly sophisticated, more educated and demanding beneficiary. That is why more and more developers choose to outsource the project management

The main players in the market understood the importance of promoting the real estate portfolio in the digital environment. The tools used are as diverse as from cold calling to SEO & SEA. Nowadays, real estate portals enjoy great popularity. What is a real estate portal? “Such a portal is the place where you simply