HOW TO effectively promote your real estate portfolio

The main players in the market understood the importance of promoting the real estate portfolio in the digital environment. The tools used are as diverse as from cold calling to SEO & SEA. Nowadays, real estate portals enjoy great popularity.

What is a real estate portal?

“Such a portal is the place where you simply and quickly sell, buy or rent because here you can find all the real estate listings in a single place,” Wizmo tells us. “We launched this platform in July 2016 with the aim of giving anyone access to the real estate market, all under a friendly interface”.

What are the advantages of a real estate portal?

Whether you are a person, an independent real estate agent, an agency or a real estate developer, there are countless reasons why it is worthwhile trying this promotion method. Here are the advantages of promoting your properties on Wizmo:

1. You publish your listings for free

You do not pay for publishing your listings, regardless of their number. By simply publishing your properties on such platforms, you get the chance to reach new audiences and implicitly increase the chances to successfully complete your transactions.

2. You can easily manage your properties

Real estate platforms allow you to create agent/user accounts to manage properties as easy as possible. Moreover, you will have a company page where its agents will be listed. The company logo will appear on all the real estate properties you manage.

3. You can promote your listings

You do not pay in order to publish your listings on Wizmo. However, if you want them to be more visible in the search results, you have the opportunity to do this by promoting the properties of interest.

4. You can choose API integration

If adding the properties manually intimidates you, do not worry. You can publish your properties on Wizmo via API integration, CRM import or XML feed. Currently, there are 5 integrated CRM: REBS, SoftImobilear, ImobManager, JustImmo, Immoflux. Updating the listings is done automatically, as you update your site.

5. Customized reports and statistics

The promotion efforts are in vain if they are not based on concrete statistics. That’s why it’s important to be able to track indicators such as:

– Number of views

– The number of clicks

– Address impressions, phone number, reviews, conversations initiated

– Listings with the highest degree of popularity, etc.

6. You can promote the company through banners, blog articles & newsletter

You have the opportunity to reach new audiences by contracting additional promotional services. The company and the services you provide can be promoted through banners, newsletters or blog articles. Here’s what you need to know about the Wizmo Audience:

 7. Your listings are promoted on Google & Facebook

Real estate portals promote ads via Google & Facebook Ads. Basically, by collaborating with such a platform, you get organic and paid traffic without you investing directly in the promotional budget.

8. You get international visibility and consistent leads

The content of the portal is promoted across borders, to the diaspora and expats, giving customers international visibility and consistent leads. is the only bilingual portal that promote real estate properties, focusing on the needs of users: both residential and business users.

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