Heathrow Airport / Londra

Heathrow Airport – London UK

Positive change in the construction field – together with Heathrow Airport Holdings

Heathrow, the busiest airport in Europe,  is in continuous development and modernization.

Heathrow Airport Holdings, the company operating the airport, allocates investment funds based on 5-year plans. The members of our team have been involved in supervising the most important projects included in such a five-year plan.

The close collaboration with a customer of this level, highly educated in terms of quality requirements and standards, on the one hand, and with a wide range of suppliers focused on innovation and efficiency, on the other hand, has confirmed the fairness of our vision of positive change in the construction industry.

We were involved in an ample fund development monitoring process, while making sure, through precise reporting, that we minimize the risk of errors, offer an objective view and use all the information that the teams involved provide us – in order to complete one of the most innovative international projects in the aviation industry.


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