Luxuria Domenii Residence / Bucharest

Luxuria Domenii Residence / Bucharest

Excellency standards – step by step tracking for the first green certification in the Bucharest residential sector

Luxuria Domenii Residence means a 2.25 hectare project, a total of 9 buildings with 628 apartments and 763 parking spaces, but also the first residential complex in Bucharest under BREEAM certification, from the outset designed to be classified as energy class A and in the “green buildings” category.

The experience of the developer,  the location, and the standards to qualify for BREEAM certification make this project have an investment super-potential right from the start.

The developer and the financial backer rely on our experience and processes to have an independent and objective partner in terms of several key elements for profitability: risk assessment and recommendations for reducing them, analysis of the required investment, monitoring of the project development by inspections and reporting.


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Luxuria Domenii Residence / Bucharest