Brisk Group provides independent and impartial advice that can be trusted. We pro actively manage construction costs, from initial feasibility to final account, to ensure best value for our clients. We develop an in-depth understanding of our client’s business goals and become their champion in project delivery, enabling their business decisions with our depth of construction knowledge.

Our first-class team and services and our rigorous cost control systems ensure that value is exceeded and delivered for every client.

Predictability and control of costs are essential principles for all organizations when planning and undertaking capital projects or programmes.

Our approach to cost and commercial management is driven by a real commitment to maximizing return on investment for our clients.

We provide you with outcome confidence from day one, helping to establish project viability with a clear, robust baseline.

We optimize cost performance at every stage through our proven methodologies, cost models, cost data, and assurance approach.

Brisk Group will own your commercial agenda – driving to achieve cost and value targets every step of the way, and managing threats and changes pro-actively.

Brisk Group will provide truly independent advice, delivering the right solutions to protect your interests.

Cost Management Service Areas

Cost benchmarking

Cost estimating

Whole life costing

Cost planning and engineering

Cost control

Cost auditing and assurance

Value engineering

Usual Client Challenges (Questions)

What will the project cost, and what are the options?

How to achieve certainty in the delivery of cost targets, on budget?

How to improve cost efficiency, across the life-cycle?

How to manage commercial risks?

How to maximize return on investment?

For Brisk Group Project Management is about understanding client needs and requirements, robust leadership and creativity. Effective teamwork is central to success. To achieve this, we develop client briefs, build and deploy project teams that can respond with best practice solutions. We understand the needs of stakeholders and we build and motivate teams all the while co-ordinating the work of different contributors.

We are delivering project success through effective planning, the right team and rigorous controls. Creating the right delivery strategy for a project depends on a detailed preparation stage during which business requirements, risks, constraints and stakeholder interests are fully understood. Robust controls maintained throughout the life of the project will ensure challenges are effectively addressed to meet client time, cost and quality objectives.

Our project management approach reduces risk and helps clients deliver projects in a consistent and improved manner, no matter what stage of the project life-cycle we are appointed in.

We build long term relationships with our clients and by focusing on their business goals we find effective solutions adding value to their investment. We put together specialist teams using our close links with peer consultants and contractors.

Solutions are always bespoke and ensure innovative and effective delivery.

We put client interests first, ensuring we help deliver the outcomes that matter to them.

Project Management Service Areas

Project brief development

Design management

Executive or turnkey project management

Portfolio management

Contract administration

Construction management

Project handover and close out

Project audit

Usual Client Challenges (Questions)

How to find the right project solution to meet business demands?

How to build a high performing team to deliver?

How to secure the necessary internal and statutory approvals?

How to minimize the impact on existing operations

How to make secure project delivers on time and to budget, to the required quality standards?

How to assure performance and build stakeholder confidence, quickly?

Brisk Group is applying robust and pro-active controls from a clear baseline to deliver confidence in programme and project performance.

Project controls is a critical tool to minimize time and financial risk exposure and provide greater confidence in the predictable delivery of a client’s investment.

Through deploying the right level of project controls Brisk Group assures that client investments are set up for success, with all the required enablers for control established and integrated across the programme or project. This reference point then allows us to assure performance, setting goals and measuring delivery against these targets.

Ultimately our goal is to optimise delivery of the investment, advising on areas for efficiency, recommending management action to protect performance and bringing project and market data to compare performance and propagate learning in the programme.

Project Controls Service Areas

Controls development and transformation

Baseline development

CAPEX, OPEX and lifecycle estimating

Performance assurance

Functional support across cost, schedule, risk, change, resource and reporting management

Earn Value Management Throughout the project lifecycle

Usual Client Challenges (Questions)

How to control my project / programme?

How to develop and demonstrate a robust baseline?

How to build confidence in predicted delivery performance?

How to manage project risks and opportunities and / or across the programme?

Brisk Group is focused to offer independent, specialist advice to our clients. This is reflected in our programme management service where we solely focus on the client’s programme and its set of related projects, which together will deliver the defined objectives for the organization.

We expect objectives and goals of a programme to be typically at a strategic level so that the client organization achieves benefits and improvements in its business operation. We start with strong leadership in our team to set the tone of cooperation, collaboration and open communication with all stakeholders to the programme. We understand the factors that drive programme success, providing the knowledge and tools for effective implementation that enable all resources to be in place for successful delivery.

Capital investment programmes are complex. They exist within a wide business context and involve multiple interdependencies and interfaces, diverse stakeholders, competing priorities and challenging goals. All of these things combined, together with the push to maximise outcomes, demand an efficient and integrated management approach.

As some of our partners have been in delivering roles in some of the world’s most complex programmes, we bring real insights and experience to programme management. We provide independent advice, detailed support and commitment to successful delivery to our clients, whatever the stage of their programme. Our services range from providing programme management and programme management offices, to navigating the risks and challenges, capturing and realizing opportunities and building the right culture and capabilities.

This includes defining the right strategies and providing leadership and implementation in best practice programme controls – across cost management, scheduling, risk management, quality, reporting and stakeholder management. And we look ahead, assessing and supporting how the programme needs to evolve over time to deliver changing scope, risks and opportunities.

Managing information is a key part of delivering programme performance. We use technology in an intelligent way, to bring control, efficiencies and improvement.

We help clients plan and prioritize, and to deliver consistency and certainty of results.

Programme Mamagement  Service Areas

Programme management

Programme improvement

Programme assurance

Programme recovery

Usual Client Challenges (Questions)

How do I build the right capabilities and a consistent approach across the programme, working towards the same goals?

How do I manage risk effectively?

How can I embed continuous improvement, and deliver measurable benefits?

How do I achieve certainty of outcome, whilst managing ever changing requirements?

How can I get this programme back on track, guarantee delivery on time and budget and building the confidence of stakeholders?

Brisk Group as Development Managers take a project from inception through to completion, creating a property asset along the way. We manage the team and any third parties and negotiate all the necessary consents for the project.  By deploying our set of skills and techniques we work creatively with designers, agents and funders to achieve the returns illustrated in the financial model.

Before banks agree to fund property developments, they must have a good understanding of the construction aspects of the project in order to weigh up the risks that might impact on their loans. When a development is underway, it must be carefully monitored with regular site visits made in order to pick up any key issues as they arise. We advise when costs can be drawn down against the loan facility, and on the adequacy of the remaining undrawn loan to cover the forecast cost to complete.


Brisk Group provides independent advices on the capital investment efficiency, by monitoring and reporting on management of the project cost, risks and opportunity management, management of project scope, benefit delivery and realisation, quality management, health and safety management, schedule management, contract management and project delivery through governance process.


We have extensive experience in Development Monitoring area of work. We liaise with banks, their lawyers and valuers at every stage of a development. Every project is led by one of our senior staff. It is this close collaboration, and the direct involvement of Partners who have knowledge of the whole development process, that sets our Development Monitoring service apart.

Identification and mitigation of project risks is inseparable from our core services of programme, project and cost management.

Brisk Group as independent cost and financial advisors to the construction industry offers risk analysis and management as a separate, as well as an integrated service to our clients.

We are experts in delivering risk and value management workshops. With the aid of simulation analysis tools including Oracle Primavera Pertmaster (Primavera Risk Analysis) software, we can provide detailed cost and schedule integrated risk analysis to provide visibility to project contingency and enable proactive management of risk and opportunity.  We strongly believe in a proactive approach in respect to risk management as to identify and mitigate risks before these become issues on the project and managing and realising of opportunities.

Services we can provide include:

Project Audit

Project investment analysis

Project funding support

Sensitivity analysis

Project Risk management

Forensic analysis

Claims support

Through Construction management Brisk Group offers (provides) a very successful alternative to traditional methods of procuring construction works, where the construction manager will be appointed on a professional basis to deliver the construction project. It provides the client with the ability to actively manage cost and risk to suit their specific requirements throughout the lifecycle of a project. Construction Management is a professional and non-adversarial way of organising and directing workers, materials and equipment to accomplish the building designer’s vision for a project, without using a main or management contractor.

As property becomes subject to more regulation and raised expectations, owners and occupiers will be exposed to new challenges and costs. In addition, transparency and comparability are increasingly demanded both by governments and markets across the globe. In this new context, the sustainability performance of buildings is beginning to significantly impact budgets and reputations.

 Brisk Group offers industry best practice advice in this area.

Project engineering department comes into play as a liaison between the project manager and the technical disciplines involved in a project and as a primary technical point of contact (POC) for the client.

Project engineering works spread out from the inception to final acceptance of construction projects and play a crucial role in having the project’s technical and functional requirements fulfilled based on applicable codes and project specifications related but not limited to: architectural, structural, civil, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, telecommunications, technical security systems, fire alarm,  fire protection, life safety, security, environmental, etc.

Complex projects that include multiple specialty disciplines develop complex structures between different trades (designers, contractor resources, consultants, vendors, quality control and quality assurance).

Coordination and communication between all the involved parties usually represents the key to success or failure of any complex project, therefore the need of a team responsible for turning different running parts into a mechanism that works as a whole.

Project engineering works in close relation with the project manager, project controls department ( planning department)  in order to prepare schedules, pre-plan and resource forecasting for engineering and other technical activities relating to the project.

In the construction industry, project engineers are the technical representatives of the client out in the field, helping different tradespeople and/ or contractors interpret the job’s designs, ensuring  that the job is constructed in accordance with the project plans (drawings) and specifications, being in charge of the overall quality control of the work.

In regards to the vendors and contractors, the project engineering department  working close with project management and project controls departments,  is in charge of performance management.

Duties mould onto project’s type and particularities, yet there are some guidelines that limit the responsibilities to the following:

• Assisting on schedule preparation

• Pre-planning and resource forecasting for engineering and technical activities

• Establishes material, service and rental contracts

• Performance management of vendors (i.e. working in tandem with the project controls department).

• Contribute to the accuracy of financial forecasts which tie-in to project schedules

• Ensure projects are completed according to planning documents (drawings, specifications, applicable codes)

• Contribute in the section process  and procurement  contractors / subcontractors and materials

• Maintain inventory logs

• Contribute to schedule and technical aspects, Specification review,  project delivery look-ahead, and schedule updates

• Submittal log

• Develop coordination drawings and even shop-drawings as required.

• Manage the coordination process

• Inter-discipline coordination during project execution

• Overall quality control of the work

• Working together with the Project Manager   as to facilitate effective communication between engineering, designers, construction, project controls groups and client

• Interpretation of drawings to tradesmen

• Review of engineering deliverables

• Requests for Information both from designers or client.

• Troubleshoot  / Develop check & work plan

• Regular project status reports

• Contributing to Budget monitoring and trend tracking

• Bill of materials creation and maintenance

• Job close-out – Contract close out, punch lists, deliverable closeout

• Redlining drawings / As-built drawings / As-built specifications

• Assistance to project manager

With our depth of precast knowledge, Brisk Group ensures that value is exceeded and delivered to clients that produce precast concrete or choose this solution for their construction projects.

Different challenges arise in the precast industry and their success depends a lot on the quality and efficiency along the production process and tight coordination between department teams and subcontractors. Because what sense would it make having good quality and a versatile product but not being able to deliver in time or having competitive market prices without knowing your actual costs.

Our divers international experience in the precast industry across Europe and Middle East as well as the daily use of specialized ERP systems for precast manufacturers (BETSY ERP Software) are a guarantee of our detailed support and commitment to successful delivery to our clients. We optimise cost performance at every stage (estimation, design, procurement, production, transport, erection,) through our proven methodologies, cost models, cost data, and assurance approach.

Predictability and costs control are essential principles for all organisations when planning and undertaking capital projects or programmes. We ensure challenges are effectively addressed to meet client time, cost and quality objectives.

Usual Client Challenges

How to control my project?

How will design affect my overall costs?

What will the project cost and what are the options?

How to increase efficiency in design, production, transport and assembly?

How to manage interactions between client, designers and production?