Project Controls and Planning

We help you with information on how your project looks like, no matter the stage of the project, from the point of view of time and costs associated on each activity.

Through rigorous and detailed planning, we give you valuable information about the real productivity of your project.

What we can do for you:

  • We initiate and draft a delivery plan (the working schedule) of your project
  • We constantly track and update the plan that integrates the costs, time and activities associated with your project
  • We objectively analyse the performance and productivity of your project through specific earn value management (EVM) techniques and calculation
  • We identify the possible causes of non-productivity and remedy them
  • We constantly report what happens to your project, based on the information we extract from GANTT developed schedules
  • We integrate the cash flow with the full variables of the project in order to reduce the risk of errors related to the efficient consumption of resources
  • We give you all the information about the project, so you can make informed decisions.