Management of precast concrete projects

The use of reinforced concrete prefabs is essential for projects included in the category of government buildings, industrial halls, stadiums, malls or motorways, becoming a preferred practice in more and more industries, for the efficiency, quality and scalability they offer.

We are your partner, with over 10 years of experience in controlling and managing precast concrete projects. We work with the most advanced software tools and we know how to make them work in this type of constructions, so you always get the best value for money ratio.

Why you should resort to us for the control service of precast concrete projects:

  • Our well-designed processes help you streamline your project

Regardless of the types of prefabricated elements you use in your project, our rigorous and standardized processes help us to make your investment more efficient.

We make a full radiography of your project’s implications, and we use the information we have available for you to analyse, understand and integrate the data you have obtained and ultimately to get the best possible result.


  • We have a team specialized in precast concrete constructions

Our team of specialists has implemented complex projects in the prefabricated industry in over 10 years of experience in this field. We have worked in mature markets in Europe and the Middle East, which has given us advanced knowledge in this specialty and the ability to transfer them locally.

In addition to the software tools we possess, we also have the insights to make them work for your benefit. We not only offer you the technology solution, but also the necessary advice to make the best decisions.


  • We bring our top technology solution used in this industry for more than 25 years

We are the dealers of the most important software solution in Europe, BETSY (BETon SYStem). Through this, you gain high transparency in terms of costs and time spent, as well as the integration of all teams involved in a project.

Also, you are always one step ahead, due to constant updates from this software, following the daily use experience of over 500 users in 10 countries.

  • We help you reduce costs through the information we make available

Finally, through everything we do, we aim to help you reduce fixed costs, maximize results, get the best efficiency from the resources made available.

Along with all the other benefits brought by prefabricated elements – high quality, controlled manufacturing processes, lower implementation times, etc. – and with the integration of our project management service, we are fully committed to managing your project.