Risk Management

Each construction project is exposed to a multitude of risks.

Through the risk management service, not only you control the risks that can turn into important damages for the end result, but you also evaluate the opportunities that contribute to the efficiency of the project.

What we can do for you:

  • We define the risks that may affect the smooth running of the project
  • We act in order to prevent identified risks
  • We constantly monitor the risks, depending on the evolution of the project
  • We prioritize the risks and track their depreciation over time
  • We make presumptions and track problems in real time, where needed
  • We find solutions for all types of risks that may arise – ranging from utilities risks to proximity risks, risks due to the lack of materials, technological risks, risks of integration of specialties in the project, etc.
  • We identify the opportunities of the project, which allow us to make it more efficient in the long run
  • We come up with recommendations for capitalizing the opportunities – from integrations that can be made for shared use of some resources to solutions for certain construction systems.