Using 2020 as a Growth Tool

All throughout 2020 we have delivered to the standards of excellence, the best quality services for all our customers.

This year of big disruption brought on a variety of changes, both in market trends and in consumer behavior. And on a personal level for many of us.

Looking back on these challenging 12 months, one thing stands out loud and clear — change is demanding, but what better fuel for growth than change?


Lessons learned from our 2020 experience.


1. We need to keep the lights on

`The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. ` – W. Churchill

Back in the beginning of 2020, the entire world reoriented around surviving a global pandemic and so were all the economic sectors, some hit harder than the others. We soon realized it was more than a pandemic: it was either a calamity, or one huge opportunity.

We chose the latter and decided to keep the lights on. No pessimism was to be seen in our offices or within our teams, and thus we intentionally cultivated a positive and pro-active attitude from the very beginning of the crisis.

Some may have given up, both in business and on a personal level, so we decided that this will not be our story. Brisk`s story was to be one of surfing the wave of opportunity, one of optimism and sustainable and intentional growth.

This mindset proved to be exactly what we needed, and it will be preserved as we navigate through a rather uncertain 2021.

The results? An approx. 40% increase in BRISK`s turnover, 25% more new employees and an increased number of new clients and projects.


For us at Brisk Group this year also meant growth. 2020 brought growth and consolidation in the market share for Brisk Group and an expansion in our portfolio.

This year has come with big achievements for us, consisting in a good number of successfully completed and delivered projects. Among our achievements last year, we can mention the following: 450.000 sqm of managed & coordinated constructions (over 330.000 sqm residential, over 65.000 sqm of retail projects, and over 55.000 sqm of industrial & office projects) and our portfolio recorded over 100 projects.

In 2020, as a statement of our performance, we were part of the following projects, both international and national:

·         Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station

·         Doha Hardbord – Quatar

·         Retail Projects– Republic of  Moldova

·         Over 10 Sores delivered in Romania

·         Politehnica University of Timisoara (education)

·         Luxuria Domenii Residence – Bucharest

·         Greenfield Residence – Bucharest

·         Central District 4 Elemente – Bucharest

·         Crown Towers – Bucharest

·         Amber Gardens & – Bucharest


·         Apptown Residence – Bucharest

·         Vivalia 6 & 7 Residence – Timisoara

·         Nord One Residence – Timisoara

·         Drumul Taberei Residence – Bucharest

·         Belvedere Residence – Sibiu

·         Cantacuzino Residence – Ploiesti

·         Carmistin industrial projects

·         Large Office Development in Bucharest – Design Stage

·         Moxy by Marriot – Bucharest

·         Courtyard by Marriot – Bucharest

Against all odds, 2020 was a growth year for our company, and we put this primarily on our mindset, on our optimism and good hard-working attitude.

2. A time to grow.

2020 was focused on growth and we saw an opportunity to affirm and maintain our position on the market with all the necessary measures and we are proving it by having reached our targets. All of the above stands proof of our ability to grow in weary times.

One of the first things we did over at BRISK, was to mind the way we navigated those wavering times.


And our decision was to focus on growth by investing a great number of resources into essential aspects such as: internal organizing, new and improved procedures, redesigning and recalibrating our systems to match the new circumstances, new industry rules and regulations, and so on.

Necessity + Opportunity = Inherent Advance


Digitalization of the construction site is a must, and so is the ability to move from physical to virtual and to make this shift fluid and organic.

We took in all of these technical and social changes and integrated them into our processes and we strongly believe that this has made a great difference in the way we interpret innovation and our capacity to respond to stimuli.

Here is a very interesting list of all the changes BRISK undertook in this direction:

  • Developed incident management and scenario plans specific to COVID-19 crisis.
  • Developed rigorous social distancing protocols.
  • Implemented safety measures in sites.
  • Maintaining the best working procedures among administrative employees even from home
  • Developed incident management and scenario plans specific to COVID-19 crisis.
  • Developed rigorous social distancing protocols.
  • Implemented safety measures in sites.

With good confidence in the economy, a growth mindset is easy to hone and this is part of how BRISK undertook the task of cruising 2020.

3. Keep the drive.

A few words from Claudiu Bisnel, founder of BRISK Group.

” Once a crisis has arisen, also many opportunities are appearing, and this urges us to find solutions to innovate and trace new projects. In 2020, we created new opportunities from this crisis. This year BRISK Group celebrates 5 years of existence on the Romanian construction consulting market and our focus is to constantly improve and expand our array of services. All is due to the whole team working over at BRISK, we need to thank the team for all its dedication and hard work. Without the team, we would not have been able to perform as we did in 2020.”

” As we are still in an adaptive period, with regards to the new circumstances created by the coronavirus pandemic, our estimation indicates a returning to normal scenario in the following months as lockdown period measures in a number of countries will be lifted gradually. We are systematically entering in a more optimistic economic period with a sensible recovery after the second quarter of 2021.”

” The highest point in it all is to use 2020 as a growth tool and use its core lessons as spring-boards into 2021: flexibility is a must and so is the ability to adapt to new circumstances, optimism is the secret ingredient for growth in harsh times and drive keeps all the latter together and creates the momentum for action.”