Industrial & Logistics

Warehousing, Distribution and Production. Time is money, especially in a dynamic industry that offers frequent opportunities for the creation of storage and logistics centres. We contribute to the efficient development of prefabricated halls in order to maximize the investment of the developers in this field.


We understand the specificity of the retail industry and we are ready to respond to it through the processes, experience and tools we have.

In order for a retail project to start producing value as quickly as possible, we place foremost the efficient implementation times, the use of specific materials and their quality, the observance of the complex and particular requirements of each type of space we have to deal with. Whether we are talking about supermarkets, hypermarkets or malls, we are ready to take on the challenges of your retail projects.


Recovering your investment is the centre of our concerns in the residential sector. Regardless of the complexity of the project – the concept of “smart homes” and the standards they entail are not novelty to us – we are your partner in the successful delivery of residential projects whether we are talking about large compounds or about other types of private properties.

We are also connected to everything that means state-of-the-art technologies, materials and trends, such as sustainability, and we can strike a balance between the need for rapid implementation and the quality of the project.

Transport & Infrastructure

The transport and infrastructure industry is one of the most complex, with large-scale projects that extend over a long period of time and involve security challenges, the management of numerous teams, and the observance of high quality standards.

We have the experience of delivering international-scale projects, especially with regard to underground and aviation infrastructure.


The energy industry requires dedicated expertise, specialists focused on the use of certain tools and new technologies, as well as collaboration with very diverse teams. We have been and continue to be involved in projects in the nuclear industry with a major impact on society, with rigorous processes and rules to be followed without exception.


Nowadays, an increased importance is given to the work environment; after all, here we spend over 50% of our time; it influences the state of mind and along with it, the productivity and efficiency in the workplace. All these are requirements that we take into account when dealing with office buildings, because we understand the desires of future tenants, who have a direct impact on a project in the office sector.

We are ready to manage complex projects that align with green standards and have a positive impact on the environment.

Pharma & Healthcare

Over time, we have worked with the most important players in the pharmaceutical industry in order to deliver from standard projects to research laboratories that involve extremely rigorous processes for the work they are going to service, with a major social impact.

State & Governmental

A sector such as the government requires a good understanding of all the rules, specifications, and standards that such projects need to be aligned to. If we talk about hospitals or university centers, we talk about quality, about standardized projects and high skills for delivering them.


Work in the government sector requires a good understanding of all the rules, specifications, and standards that such projects need to be aligned to.

Quality standardized solutions are critical in university centers and Brisk Group has the high skills to deliver in this sector.