Certified Site Supervision

Certified Site Supervision

By means of certified site supervision, we ensure that your project is delivered at the necessary standards. With the help of our certified collaborators, we verify the implementation according to the regulations in force in the field of constructions.

What we can do for you:

  • We permanently track on-site construction works;
  • We ensure the quality of your project;
  • We oversee the correct execution of the works, according to the data included in the technical project and the specifications;
  • We work with partners certified by the State Building Inspectorate, which ensures the real quality of what is being implemented on-site;
  • We ensure the on-site presence of project specialists, from site managers to certified site supervisors, depending on the complexity of each type of construction and supervision (part-time or full-time).

Service Areas

  • On-site tracking
  • Correct execution overseeing
  • State Building Inspectorate certified partners
  • Site Management
  • Certified site supervision
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