Claim Management

In large-scale projects such as construction projects, you are working with many changes that may occur along the way. An effective project management also includes thorough training in order to prevent and combat possible contractual disputes.

We ensure that we can prevent conflicts that may occur throughout the project. Whether we are talking about delays, resource losses, additional costs, site conditions that differ from those in the original plan or other errors, through our claim management service, we set up a very clear strategy for preventing and resolving disputes if the situation demands it.

What we can do for you:

  • We actively evaluate possible disputes at all stages of the project – from concept to contract elaboration, throughout the implementation of the project, and after the completion of the works
  • Our primary focus is on preventing disputes, so that you do not need to resort to litigations or other legal solutions
  • We provide solutions for all situations where you can encounter a dispute: from prevention and minimization to mitigation or even solving them by legal means (we identify, measure and solve them)
  • We intervene from the concept phase, by detailing and establishing very clearly the terms, information and contractual requirements addressed to the suppliers and teams involved in the construction project
  • Throughout the project, we take into account the risks and their distribution among the parties involved
  • We monitor compliance with the agreed contractual terms and we warn about any disputes that may arise
  • We analyse the impact of disputes on the whole project and evaluate their effect on the implementation time and the initial budget allocated to the project.