Design & Engineering

Design & Engineering

For Brisk Group, Project Management is all about understanding our client needs and requirements, about robust leadership and creativity.

Effective teamwork is central to success. To achieve this, we develop client briefs and we build and deploy project teams that can respond with best practice solutions.

We are delivering project success through effective planning, the right team and rigorous controls.

Our project management approach reduces the risk and helps our clients to deliver projects in a consistent and improved manner, no matter what stage of the project life-cycle we are appointed in.

We always build long term relationships with our clients. By focusing on their business goals we find effective solutions for adding value to their investment. Our solutions are always bespoke and ensure innovative and effective delivery.

We are proud to say that we always put client interests first, ensuring we help deliver the outcomes that matter to them.

Duties mould onto project’s type and particularities, yet there are some guidelines that limit the responsibilities to the following:

  • Assisting on schedule preparation
  • Pre-planning and resource forecasting for engineering and technical activities
  • Establishes material, service and rental contracts
  • Performance management of vendors (i.e. working in tandem with the project controls department).
  • Contribute to the accuracy of financial forecasts which tie-in to project schedules
  • Ensure projects are completed according to planning documents (drawings, specifications, applicable codes)
  • Contribute in the section process and procurement contractors / subcotractorsand materials
  • Maintain inventory logs
  • Contribute to schedule and technical aspects, Specification review, project delivery look-aheads and schedule updates
  • Submittal log
  • Develop coordination drawings and even shopdrawings as required.
  • Manage the coordination process
  • Inter-discipline coordination during project execution
  • Overall quality control of the work
  • Working together with the Project Manager as to facilitate effective communication between engineering, designers, construction, project controls groups and client
  • Interpretation of drawings to tradesmen
  • Review of engineering deliverables
  • Requests for Information both from designers or client.
  • Troubleshoot / Develop check & work plan
  • Regular project status reports
  • Contributing to Budget monitoring and trend tracking
  • Bill of materials creation and maintenance
  • Job close-out – Contract close out, punch lists, deliverable closeout
  • Redlining drawings / As-built drawings / As-built specifications
  • Assistance to project manager
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