Development Monitoring

Development Monitoring

Brisk Group provides independent advices on the capital investment efficiency, by monitoring and reporting on management of the project cost, risks and opportunity management, management of:

  • project scope,
  • benefit delivery and realization,
  • quality management,
  • health and safety management,
  • schedule management,
  • contract management and
  • project delivery through governance process.

We have extensive experience in Development Monitoring area of work. We liaise with banks, their lawyers and values at every stage of a development.

Every project is led by one of our senior staff. It is this close collaboration, and the direct involvement of Partners who have knowledge of the whole development process, that sets our Development Monitoring service apart.

Service Areas

  • Cost benchmarking
  • Cost estimating
  • Whole life costing
  • Cost planning and engineering
  • Cost control
  • Cost auditing and assurance
  • Value engineering
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