Planning & Project Controls

Planning & Project Controls

Brisk planning and project controls services provide quantitative analysis along with qualitative communication systems and tools to streamline the interface with information, helping you to make informed and proactive decisions.

From concept through completion, we provide necessary technical and administrative services to help our clients meet their program objectives. Our team understands that project scope, cost, and schedule are interrelated and must be managed correctly.

We help you with information on how your project looks like, no matter the stage of the project, from the point of view of time and costs associated on each activity.

Through rigorous and detailed planning, we give you valuable information about the real productivity of your project.

Service Areas

  • Project Controls
  • Project Planning
  • Controls development and transformation
  • Baseline development
  • CAPEX, OPEX and life-cycle estimating
  • Performance assurance
  • Functional support across cost, schedule, risk, change, resource and reporting management
  • Earn Value Management throughout the project life-cycle
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