The Company

Brisk Group is a leading Romanian construction consulting company offering project, cost and construction management services, with offices in London, Bucharest and Chisinau.

With a diverse experience in many industries and sectors, and with a proven capability of successful deliveries for an array of medium and large projects, we are always focused and committed to our clients’ needs.

We are committed to delivering excellence to developers, owners, financial institutions and contractors, all that while maintaining the highest standards of quality for consulting services within the construction industry.

We are a team of over 70 highly qualified and experienced professionals that represent top talent across disciplines, including project managers, cost managers, planning and scheduling specialists, engineers, architects, quantity surveyors, health & safety coordinators and strategic communications professionals.

The Awards


Claudiu Bisnel


Member of the Association for Project Management – UK (APM UK), Claudiu has over 12 years of experience in successfully delivering projects in the construction industry.

Claudiu worked from the position of customer, designer and contractor within major global companies: from Europe to the Middle East, Africa and Asia. His expertise covers projects in a variety of industries, such as: the industrial sector, infrastructure and transport, residential, retail, pharmaceutical sectors.

Andrei Stoian


Andrei has more than 15 years of experience in entrepreneurship, mass media, HR and PR. He moderated and produced the show IMM Focus on the business TV Channel 33 and is currently producing and moderating the Spheres of Influence on the same TV channel. For 4 years, he was the Editor-in-Chief of several publications in business law, real estate and construction.

Andrei has led numerous NGOs, including Rotary Club Triumph (President), Chair of the Strategic Projects Committee, Rotary Romania and Republic of Moldova, Chair of the Committee for Public Relations with NGOs and State Institutions. In 2005 he was one of the founders of the Initiative Group for the Promotion of Romania’s Image. In 2019 he founded, together with other collaborators, the Rotary Excelsior Bucharest Club.

He is one of the authors of the books „România noului val“, „100 de fețe ale Inovației“, „Energia. Concepte si instrumente operaționale” (Editura Club România, 2019), „Caiet Documentar „Calitatea Vieții” (Editura Club România, 2020), Caiet Documentar „România sustenabilă. Concepte și instrumente-suport pentru o transformare circulară a economiei românești” (Editura Club România, 2021).

Mark Brownlee


Mark is UK Director for Brisk Group Consulting and responsible for the UK sectors and services that Brisk Group offer. Mark is a Design and Project Management specialist with an architectural background and over 15 years of experience working on complex projects in the UK and around the world. Mark has led integrated multi-disciplinary teams and successfully delivered designs for large-scale and complex projects in sectors ranging from airport projects, to residential, arts and cultural projects, sport facilities, retail spaces and commercial offices.

Mark has led architectural teams, engineering teams and also operated as client-side advisor on a range of high-profile national and international projects. Mark has in-depth knowledge in construction coordination, technical resolution on multidisciplinary projects and running design teams that use BIM as a collaborative tool.

Cătălin Podgoreanu

Head of

Gabriela Mihalache

Head of
Administrative & Finance

Sebastian Juncu


Sebastian has more than 25 years of Project and Contracts Management experience in the construction industry, being involved in various projects local and international (Europe, Africa, South America)

His expertise covers projects in various industries such as residential, offices, industrial, telecom, mining, infrastructure.

He also worked from the position of customer, contractor and consultant, building and leading various multinational teams.

Flaviu Rusu

Head of
Development Monitoring

Flaviu is Head of Development Monitoring department for Brisk Group Consulting and covers all the Construction Industry sectors in Romania and abroad. Flaviu has the experience of both Quantum and Project Management specialist with an claims and construction management background for over 10 years of experience working on complex projects in EMEA.

His activity is well represented by leading of Quantum Claim Analysis teams and representation at DAB for projects totalling over 1.5 billion euros; leading the Development Monitoring team for projects which are valued at more then 500 million euro; leading the Technical Due Dilligence team for projects totaling more than 175 million euro. All the abvbe have been successfully delivered to various clients such as Investment Groups, Banks, Private investors and not the least Public Sector Investments.

Flaviu has the great opportunity to serv the interest of top 5 Private Investors, Banks and major Contractors or Real Estate Developers all over the world. Being a results driven person, within his activity in the construction industry, he seeks to achieve top results for each of the project dellivered at Brisk Group Consulting.

Valeriu Mavrodin

Head of

Valeriu has more than 17 years of MEP Manager and Designer for Electrical Installations for civil constructions experience, in various projects local and European. His expertise covers projects in various fields such as residential, office, factory, retail, public health, hospitality and education.

Valeriu has led engineering teams that design complex technical project for all MEP’s scope. He leads a team of experienced engineers who check and supervise all the projects delivered by Brisk Group Consulting.