5 Reasons to Work at Brisk Group

We are always preoccupied with the latest trends and technologies that make our work more efficient and bring the construction industry to a new level. We always come up with a modern approach that revolutionizes and innovates the projects we are dealing with.

We are people-oriented and we believe in an open culture

We’ve surrounded ourselves with an open, young team, with fresh insight. With its help, we shape the construction industry day by day, for constant durability in the building process, in order to do more and better for ourselves and our clients. People and their skills are our most important resource.

We want what’s best from ourselves and others

We are engaged and dedicated to our profession. We are guided by solid ethical principles: no compromises at the expense of the end result, no shortcuts to the detriment of the project, no loss of time or budgets.
Our profession means a career in which we want to be constantly improving, not just a job with task to finish by the end of the day. As a consequence, we have very well established processes, which allow us to carry out the activities in the best conditions and at the highest standards possible.

We work with top players from the most various industries, locally and internationally

At Brisk, you have the opportunity to contribute to large projects, either domestically or abroad. Throughout time, we’ve successfully worked with renowned players and important names from across the world: from Europe and the Middle East, to Asia and Africa. Our specialists have decades of experience on mature markets, with superior quality standards and well-established processes.

We believe in and support a continuous development

We support you to grow and we are next to you so that you become an accomplished professional. We provide you with the experience and expertise of our top specialists, as well as trainings that facilitate the transfer of information and knowledge.